Development Board VS210

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Development Board VS210

SKU: VS210

Designed for global market, VS210 is built around the well-known VN210 radio module and an ultra-low power ARM Cortex M4 application processor.

Product Description

The VS210 is designed to be suitable for use by anyone from beginners to advanced users experimenting with ISA100 or WirelessHART application. It provides 23 I/O pins that support a number of peripheral functions, such as UART, SPI, I2CTM ports, as well as pulse-width modulated outputs, external interrupt and analog inputs.

The board can be powered in various ways: from a battery, via USB, or using an external AC-DC power adapter. The power source selection is done automatically.

The compact format of the board (100x120 mm) and the battery (single AA cell) powered capability makes it ideal for field operation.

The board can be assembled as a Wireless HART device. In this case it is referred to as VS210H.

Technical Specifications

Feature Implementation
Power supply
  • USB (5V, 500mA max)
  • 1xAA Cell. Only the 3.3V rail is available in when using this mode
  • External 8-36VDC, 500mA max. This is intended for use with HART modem
  • Automatic selection of the power supply (External > USB > Battery)
  • Reverse polarity and short circuit protection
  • ow power consumption (1.5mA, without HART functions) allows the board to be powered from a solar panel (solar charge controller is needed; not included on-board)
Application processor
  • ST Microelectronics STM32L486 microcontroller (1MB Flash, 96+32kB SRAM, 80MHz)
  • Connected to RF module
  • UART1 connected to USB via multiplexers
  • JTAG connector for programming and debugging
Radio Module
  • VN210 (ISA100 or WirelessHART firmware)
  • API for interfacing with an AP
  • UART1 connected to HART modem or USB via multiplexers
  • UART2 connected to on-board or external AP
  • Firmware upload via UART bootloader
  • USB: allows easy debugging, firmware uploading and powering of the board. The on-board FTDI USB – UART bridge works out of the box on most PC operating systems, without the need of installing drivers.
  • Expansion header: allows the user to connect external modules to the board via SPI, UART, CAN and I2C interfaces. It features 2 analog inputs, one PWM output and six GPIOs directly connected to the AP. Both 5V and 3.3V rails are available for powering external devices.
  • IrDA transceiver connected to AP UART2.
On-board devices
  • 25C series memory, 1kByte, SPI Interface, connected to AP. Fully available to the user
  • SHT21 Temperature and humidity sensor, I2C interface, connected to AP
  • Current monitor for HART loop. May be used for reading 4-20mA sensors
  • Optional external precision voltage reference (ADR3425) for AP
  • User and Reset button for RM
  • User and Reset button for AP
  • Two LEDs connected to RM (join status and communication)
  • Two LEDs connected to AP (user defined)
Physical characteristics
  • Size: 100x120x35 mm
  • Weight: 60g (battery not included)
  • Operating temperature: -40oC to +85oC